Ron’s Favorite 65 Songs of 2011 #65-51

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Countdowns, The Articles

I could not cut this list down to 50 songs. All 65 songs are more than worthy of recognition. I’m sure I may need to add/eliminate songs from this list as the year continues, but for right now, here it is. Also, these are the songs that are, in my opinion, the best released this year. 2011 has been a GREAT year for Hip Hop and I’m sure I could arrange this list in hundreds of different variations. This was the arrangement I came up with on my first try. ENJOY!

65. Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun- Monumental feat. Tyler Woods

Classic Hip Hop! The legend Pete Rock  is on the boards and Smif-N-Wessun handles the lyrical side of this great track. The whole album is terrific but this is definitely the stand-out.

64. Ridla- Sleep No More

Ridla is completely unknown, completely unique, and completely incredible. He dropped DEstruction and I could not get enough of it. I can only pray the Delaware native can formulate a large enough fan base to continuously put out amazing music.

63. Wale- Chain Music

Though I haven’t felt everything the new MMG Wale has come up with this year, this track gives me immense hope. It’s catchy as hell, the production is tight and he handles the braggadocio with every ounce of swag he can muster.

62. Kanye West & Jay-Z- New Day

One of the definite standouts from the Ye & Jigga collab. The RZA production is great and Kanye and Jay fill the song with future tales of their un-born sons. Relating their struggles to the strifes that will face their families.

61. Raekwon ft. Nas- Rich and Black

Two legends come together to speak on their sociopolitical status in America. Exactly what you would expect from these two.

60. Blu- Seasons

Blu is a poet first, rapper second. Seasons showcases this fact. His lyrics are beautiful, and Exile’s production is perfect. The only thing holding this song back is the low quality. Hopefully they remaster this gem for their rumored upcoming album.

59. Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown- Volume 

These two came together this year to make an INCREDIBLE album. Brown is the best producer around right now and Mackey delivers with a raw flow and gritty lyrics.

58. Reks- This or That

Reks is simply one of the best doing it right now. His 2011 release is definitely a candidate for album of the year and has too many excellent tracks to choose from. Reks comments on the horrible state of mainstream rap and takes no prisoners over a hard-hitting Statik Selektah beat.

57. XV- Textbook Stuff feat. Kendrick Lamar

I just don’t get how XV hasn’t blown up yet. The Zero Heroes tape was amazing yet majorly slept-on. On this track the Kansas native tells tales of his chidlhood while Kendrick absolutely murders it. The sample is perfect as well.

56. Game- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I was not expecting much from Game’s 2011 effort, but was pleasantly surprised when it provided me with great tracks like this one. Game’s storytelling ability is showcased throughout this track and it has that classic Biggie “Warning” feel to it.

55. Asher Roth ft. Nottz- Break Bread

The Joanna Newsome sample is simply breathtaking. Asher and Nottz do complete justice to the wonderful beat.

54. Coss- Pot Ash

Coss NEEDS more recognition. He is one of the most unique artists out right now. This introspective piece delivers with both great lyrics and an Exile masterpiece, like always.

53. Curren$y ft. Freddie Gibbs- Scottie Pippen

The Hot Spitta is pretty hit or miss with me, but on this track I can’t deny his greatness. Curren$y’s unparalled flow matched with Gangsta Gibbs, plus the Alchemist at his best = perfection.

52. Has-Lo- Fiber Optics

Has-Lo is a beast. His 2011 debut is another candidate for AOTY and this standout track focusing on the slanted politics of society and life as a whole is astounding.

51. Tyler the Creator ft. Frank Ocean- She

Say what you want about Tyler, the kid comes through with some true, unique Hip Hop. TC’s fucked storytelling ability is the highlight of this stalker saga. Frank Ocean on the hook puts the song over-the-top. Awesome track!

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